Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catch up !!

We said goodbye to the Harley. It was sold and out of our garage in 2 hours. :) :(
We went to the splash pad on thursday for book club and Caleb slipped while trying to catch up to some other kids and slit his chin. We ended up with 7 stitches. He was so brave and didn't even cry through it all but Jason said he almost fainted. The doctor gave him two prizes. Now Cassi has a sympathy scratched up chin from crashing on her bike which she wouldn't let me take a picture of.

Cassi can now ride her bike without training wheels. Nice job!

Cassi is now in tumbling here is her famous back bend. She can kick over with her head on the ground which she is very proud of, she can also do a front hand spring with a rust landing. My little mans in the background showing off his muscles. He says when he grows up he's going to be Jacob from the whole Twilight, New Moon books/movies.
Playing around having fun!!

Our squash plant is taking over.... we are growing new grass where are pine trees use to be hence the big grassy weedy mess in the front of the buttercup squash plant.

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