Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catch up !!

We said goodbye to the Harley. It was sold and out of our garage in 2 hours. :) :(
We went to the splash pad on thursday for book club and Caleb slipped while trying to catch up to some other kids and slit his chin. We ended up with 7 stitches. He was so brave and didn't even cry through it all but Jason said he almost fainted. The doctor gave him two prizes. Now Cassi has a sympathy scratched up chin from crashing on her bike which she wouldn't let me take a picture of.

Cassi can now ride her bike without training wheels. Nice job!

Cassi is now in tumbling here is her famous back bend. She can kick over with her head on the ground which she is very proud of, she can also do a front hand spring with a rust landing. My little mans in the background showing off his muscles. He says when he grows up he's going to be Jacob from the whole Twilight, New Moon books/movies.
Playing around having fun!!

Our squash plant is taking over.... we are growing new grass where are pine trees use to be hence the big grassy weedy mess in the front of the buttercup squash plant.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

The trail going to Twin Lake

Silly faces
My cute little girl

Picture of Silver Lake -- You can see the trail in the background

My brothers and our families went up to Silver Lake which is in Big Cottonwood Canyon and had a picnic. It was fun though a little scary with moose running around. The girls and kids walked around the lake while the boys went fishing at a lake up the trail. Jason took the camera and I only got one picture of the trail. It's at the very top. The cousins had lots of fun playing together and they all liked getting there picture taken except Zack. Well I guess that's not totally true the older cousins went wandering around so I didn't get any pictures of them either.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brynn / Disneyland

Brynn is getting so big and I haven't blogged anything about her so here are a few pictures of her first cereal. She is seriously the best baby. In Disneyland she loved the characters their is a picture with her and Minnie (which is on Tiffany's camera so I can't show it) but is she smiling almost laughing at Minnnie Mouse. She was wonderful on are trip. We were able to do so many fun thing like lunch with the Princesses and the boys saw the Jedi show training thing and Caleb got a Jedi outfit which is so cute on him. Lots of people came up to us saying how cute he was. Some girls even ask to take pictures with him and Regan Tiffany little boy. We went on so many rides California Screaming was my favorite it is a roller coaster that is fast and goes upside down. It was a long ride home and it ended in snow which made it longer. But I am glad to be home and safe. I will have to post more picture when I get them.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Pictures!!

I can't believe how the time flies. Brynn is now 2 months and is full of smiles but none on camera. Cassidy is loving school in parent teacher conference her teacher told me she is a joy in class and very bright. She loves to draw pictures, color, cut, and glue. I have gotten in so much trouble for throwing pictures away. Caleb has done some funny things lately he makes up stories about animals eating each other I guess to much discovery channel. He also said to me the other night, "I'm going to fight crime mom." Then said, "What's crime?" I gave him some toast with butter and went to do something with Brynn when I came back the whole stick of butter was on the toast. He said I wanted the big butter mom.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brynn's Blessing and Pictures!

Here are some pictures! We blessed Brynn a little earlier than normal so my parents wouldn't have to come back in bad weather. Everything went great!!

I was finally able to get a picture with Jason's Dad holding the baby though it took some convincing.

Dad and Brynn how cute!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer, and whatever else!!

So, I am a horrible blogger which I knew from the start but now I am going to attempt a very condensed version of our summer. So here are some highlights from the summer which went by way too fast.
Caleb's broken arm ( Boys, will be boys and trampolines)
Cassidy's new saying "I show my butt to birds" ( Sometimes you never know what will come out of their mouths)
Hansen Family Reunion at Heritage Park ( So great to see everyone we had so much fun)
The baby's room (why do I make things too complicated thanks to Tiffany couldn't have done it without you)
Tons of Popsicles
Climbing tree
Shopping in Park City ( Never enough time to shop especially with kids and husband)
Library ( My new favorite spot)
Cassidy getting stung 10 times by yellow jackets ( Scary!! and so much screaming)
Loving air conditioning
My kids like fireworks this year
Jason Fishing ( He went more than once I was beginning to wonder if he would ever go)
Straley Family Reunion ( Caleb's precious snake, and break dancing)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cassidy's Birthday

I just wanted to show some pictures from Cassidy's Birthday. We were going to go to Chucky Cheese but Cassidy got sick with a terrible flu bug that ended up going through the whole family. Grandma Barrows got her this adorable dress in the picture and we made party hat cupcakes and Cassidy just had to have a cake so we made a little heart cake so that she could blow out the candles. Jason and I probably sang her Happy Birthday at least 5 times if not more so she could blow out the candles again and again. She got a lot of fun stuff including a Hananah Montana Barbie that sings "I got nerve". Which Cassidy and Caleb wouldn't stop playing(don't you love grandma toys) but by the end of it we had a dance routine to the song. I can't believe how the time flies, Cassidy will be going to Kindergarden this coming fall. We also have exciting news, Jason will be going to U of U Pharmacy school in the fall, we feel truely blessed and know that the Lord is continually watching over us. I am also pregnant and will be having a baby in September. I am not looking forward to being pregnant all through the summer with no central air. Hopefully we will be able to do something about that soon. We got central air. Hooray!!